Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Project Called Life

Everywhere you look, projects are around you. I'll bet you didn't realize that God uses Higher-Power Project Management from Beyond The Stars Software to help manage your life. What a bizarre statement? Think it through, and bear with me. I'll put together a brief top level project plan for you life. Not all projects are successful, some take longer to mature... others get cancelled, and some... well they go way over budget, and need to keep getting bailed out. Sort of mirrors anybody you know?

Here's the "Higher-Power" WBS (Work Breakdown Schedule)... the milestones are easy enough to imagine - first day of school, first date, first kiss, first job, first car, graduation, marriage, first child, etc.

1.000 Conception - God kicks you from his nest.
2.000 Birth - the wonder years
3.000 The Early Years where everything is a why
4.000 Elementary School - learning the rules
5.000 Middle School - finding your way
6.000 High School - stretching your wings
7.000 College or Skilled Training - carving your niche
8.000 Early Career and Family - procreation, hunting, and gathering
9.000 When Children think your cool
10.000 You're no longer cool
11.000 You are downright embarrassing and stupid
12.000 OK, so maybe you're not that stupid - can I borrow the car?
13.000 Mid-career and financing education
14.000 Late career and retirement planning
15.000 Retirement
16.000 Travel and care-free living
17.000 Unexpected setbacks
18.000 Back to diapers, acting like a baby
19.000 Time for God to make a product recall

As we all know, life is a critical path. If you stray from the critical path, you are in greater risk of arriving bloated, over-budget, ineffective, or getting your project cancelled. Each of your children, is like a project plan. That's not to dehumanize the process of raising kids, children do need to have goals in life. Your job is to manage the project to a successful completion, not manage managing of the project (i.e. ineffectively micromanaging their lives.) That includes making sure they understand the importance of God, friends, family, and community.

I hope that every project, and your life stay on task and under-budget. My you never be cancelled, recalled, or considered a tremendous waste of resources. My you successfully steer every project, and every life you touch to a positive end.