Saturday, August 27, 2011

CA Clarity PPM

Instead of blogging what I know this morning, I'm going to blog about my journey learning to use the CA Clarity PPM project management tool.

I've spent a couple of days using the tool.  Given my experience with MS Project, I've decided that I'm going to use this as the interface for my efforts.  I tried the Clarity interface for building complex projects.  Although it can be done, it's a little more difficult.  Clarity supports two options for opening projects in other tools.  One is Open Workbench, the other is Microsoft Project.  Once you select a project "connector", you should be consistent and not switch back and forth between tools (Clarity and Open WorkBench or Clarity and MS Project).  Since the tools schedule differently, it would make sense that it could impact your calculations and schedules.

I was able to import projects.  I wasn't satisfied with my progress importing "in process" projects, so I decided for the purpose of my tests to re-key the projects, and then have my team update the percent complete / hours / estimated time to completion (ETC) using Clarity's time sheets.  They had to close completed tasks using the organizer in Clarity.

My next challenge will be understanding how to organize my projects.  In our management meeting I presented my ideas, and they were positively received.  I'll post a graphic and description on this soon.

Until then... "project" yourself in a positive image!  There's no task too hard... given any constraints.... as long as you prioritize!  Family first, always!